About Us

Robin started his obsession with watches back in 2000 when he bought his first prestige watch, an Omega Speedmaster automatic.

"More purchases soon followed and it became quickly apparent that if I was to avoid financial ruin I would need to sell watches in order to raise the money to sustain the habit. Madaboutwatches.co.uk was hence born at a time when there were less than a handful of sites trading secondhand watches. There are now hundreds. In a few years we had grown large enough to establish a formal business and created the spin off site Poshtime.com."

The watch sales business was closed in November 2021 to concentrate solely on servicing and repairs and Robin's second career as professional musician and producer.

Although formally trained as an engineer and not a watchmaker, Robin has spent 21 years learning how watches tick, through self teaching and practical experience, adapting his engineering skills to mechanical wrist watches from the 1940s to present day, but specialising in vintage Omega watches.

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Armstrong Watch Repair is fully independent from all of the Swiss watch makers and are therefore not constrained by their workshop specifications, high overheads and pricing structures. This means we can offer watch repair and servicing on prestigious makes and models at very low prices and we can also undertake servicing on watches that would be considered beyond economic repair by an authorised agent. Please note I do not do work for the trade

Watch Servicing, Repair and Restoration

I offer very competitively priced repair and servicing by post for prestige and vintage models from makers such as Omega, Rolex, Tudor, Longines, Tag Heuer and others. The work is done by myself, Robin Armstrong, in house, and I can normally return a watch within 2-3 weeks from recipt.

I treat the requirements of each watch individually and only provide a firm quote once I have inspected your watch and understood the work required. This ensures you get no nasty surprises when you receive the bill! and also ensures you don't waste your money if the watch is not economic to repair or service. In these cases I just charge a nominal inspection and return fee to return the watch to you. Because I carry the work out in house, you can specify your requirements directly with me and I'm are also happy to pass on additional information about the watch such as case and movement numbers.

Robin Armstrong

Watch Servicing Includes:

Typical Mechanical watch

  • Remove movement from case
  • Clean case and clean/ lubricate seals
  • Dismantle movement, machine clean using L&R or Elma fluids, inspect parts
  • Assemble movement, lubricating using Moebius synthetic oils and greases
  • Set up beat and rate (mechanical watches) and assess performance
  • Assemble movement in case, seal.
  • Test over an extended period

Please note that a watch service cannot restore a worn movement to as new condition although in many cases a service is all that is required to get a vintage watch working reliably. We also don't routinely replace seals or carry out pressure testing on vintage pieces as we consider these to be NOT waterproof. Case polishing is also not included in the basic servicing cost. We guarantee our workmanship on service work for a period of 12months but this does not include a specific warranty on the watch itself.

Typical prices

A detailed price estimate is provided on inspection but for budget purposes please see below:

  • Mechanical manual wind - from £95.00
  • Mechanical automatic calibres - from £120.00
  • Quartz Battery Replacement, Clean and Reseal - £30.00
  • Quartz Service - from £95.00
  • Omega Servicing - from £95.00 Click Here for Detail Prices
  • Other Makes Servicing - from £95
  • Inspection and return fee - (Only applicable if the watch is not serviceable or quoted work is not commenced) £10.00
  • All prices plus parts + return Special Delivery post (£10.00).

Refinishing/ Restoration

A detailed price estimate is provided on inspection but for budget purposes please see below:

  • Acrylic crystal cut and polish £30.00 (FREE with case restoration)
  • Bracelet refinishing - From £80.00
  • Light Case Polish - From £20.00
  • Case refinish - From £40.00
  • Strap fitting, replacement - From £14.95
  • Bracelet refinishing - From £60.00

Important Note on Parts Supply

Swatch Group

Due to restrictive parts supply practices from the major Swiss watch houses towards independent repairers, we will not be able to obtain genuine parts for some movements or cases, especially so in the case of Rolex. Some OE service items (crystals, crowns and mainsprings etc.) are generally still available along with quality generic options. As many parts are now obsolete for vintage watches we often won't be able to replace worn parts and may need to advise on donor part options. We will advise on options after inspection.